Happy Mother’s Day.

It’s been a very ┬álong time that I fail to update my blog not until tonight (granting it’s 12:45am). The reason for this is to give importance to our mother… for without them we don’t exist in this world. No matter how bad our mother can be or the way they treat us or old-fashioned way they present themselves but still they’re the one who take care of us from the moment of our inception.

I love my mom even though she’s silly and annoying… she’s still my mother and that makes her perfect.

Again… Happy Mother’s Day.


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Easy way of shopping for your home furnishings and decors.

Nowadays, there is a massive sprouting of malls in the urban cities. Departments stores, hardwares, health shops, and clothings are the things that we needed in our living. But, if you’re searching for easier and comfortable shopping you’re necessary materials needed in your home well that’s not a problem at all. You can enjoy buying lamps and fixtures, furnishing and decorations, and desk lamps while you’re sitting in front of your computer.

First, if you’re living in the lavish and extravagant lifestyle, well I suggest that you will need a gorgeous chandeliers in the living room. Not only that, state-of-the-art hanging lamps and wall and ceiling fixtures that gives out good lighting in your home. There are also the lamps that are suitable for modern interior designs which helps giving an illusion of space and minimalist such as under-cabinet lighting, recessed, track, and vanity lightings.

Next, home furnishing and decorations provide theme and ambiance in your home. Home furnishing adds beauty even if the room is simple. Soft and fluffy bed sheets and linens are important which gives you a good sleep. Bed sheets and linens also have different hues and design that will match your personality. Comfy comforters on the other hand, regulates the room temperature that will relax you without bothering whether it is frigid room. Beds and living room furnitures are important in creating a life in your home. A very attractive furnitures to the guest will gives you a good impression.

Lastly, efficient and low electric charge lamps and desk lamps which cuts your monthly electric bills. There are wide varieties of lamps which comes from unique designs and attractive colors. The good lamps also shows the personality of the person who is staying in the room or living the house but it MUST be good one. Great desk lamps on the other hand, helps the person work with their necessary professional works or school works. Desk lamps comes from different forms depends on the use of it. For students and professional workaholics, I suggest that they should use jointed lamps and keyboard lamps so they can adjust on where the light should be. And use for designs and themes, the use of stained glass would be better for they add concepts to your needed items for effective theme.

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I’m gaining weight.

This semester, lots of things happen in my life.

Many of my close friends told me that my face is getting round, yeah ROUND!! Way back few years ago, I really wanted to gain weight because I look anorexic. Just yesterday, I received my voters ID and as I looked my picture…it is one of a hell worst pix that I ever had. I look like Benjamin Button when his physical appearance seems geriatric. But now, they hardly guess my age because of my young looking skin. Quite super-ego eh? Hehe. ^^

This is it as of this day… just to update this blog account.


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Ipod is one of the worlds most favorite gadget that have been created by mankind in the 20th century. Its versatility makes it the BEST compared to other gadgets that are available in the market. The music that produced by the iPod is sweet compared to other leading MP3 and MP4 brands. The iPod is not only intended to store music but also your favorite videos and images. The most popular iPod gadget is the ipod nano which comes from different colors and sizes that will fit to your taste. It’s memory capacity is unbeatable due to it ranges from 8-16G that would give you the lots of musics and videos to download.

iPod is the best gifts this holiday season for your friends, family, and love ones because the iPod is in the wish list of those people who are fun of listening to musics. Not to forget the newest iPod which is the iPod Touch, it is capable of Wifi connections and GPS that you need in this modern time.

As a buyer you would like to compare prices to other leading gadgets that are available in the market, but I guess that no one can beat the features of the iPod due to its high capacity memory, stylish and glamorous design, and great music. Compare prices site will help you to decide which iPod is suited for your budget and music taste.

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Best Cookies for Christmas Season

Christmas is fast approaching and yet there so many things that we have to take care about, such as food, decorations, family guests and lots of mind-bending problems. But what matters most is where can we get delicious and sumptuous cookies for this season? There are so many stores that serves gourmet cookies, organic gourmet cookies, corporate Holiday gifts. With this will help you to find best and good quality gourmet cookies that would be healthy for your family.

There are many cookies which are available nowadays, but no one can beat the organic gourmet cookies not only good to your health but also with a mouth-watering flavor and good texture which is only available here in San Francisco. Organic gourmet cookies is quite expensive, but with this will ensure you that the money you spent is worth it.

Corporate Holiday gifts with this, you can send cookies to your special someone right to their doorstep without hassle and cost of traveling from one place to another. This is simple and yet comfortable and also affordable to your budget. Corporate Holiday gifts is sealed with good looking box and a gold ribbon that is good to be a Christmas present.

So, what are you waiting for? Stuff yourself with Cookies right now!

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Enjoying to the fullest extent with my semestral break

Our school, given us a 3 weeks semestral break after the first semeter of this year. I thought that this semestral break will be all-out-boring because im always staying in our house and not having a chance of going out the town. But happily, this semestral break is unforgettable, ofcourse with the plans of my fellow classmates of going out of town.

My first week given me a chance of going to Mati, Davao del Oriental with fellow classmates in my Sociology class. Its was the 3 days celebration of the birthday girl, Ianne Angel Aquino. Started last monday and ended it in thursday in the morning. We had beach outing in Mati, specifically in Gregorio’s Beach Resort beside of the well-known Masiao Beach Resort.

This week, I had another out of town trip with the Sociology class but in different classmates. I was with the gang of Darlene and with my friend Jeff. That trip was boring and some way, I regreted that to be with them because of the gang of Darlene which I got out of place.

My future plans for next week? Well, I have to go to school by tuesday morning for the enrollment for the second semester of this year. And I have to visit semetary for my grand parents graveyard.

I hope everything will be different…

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Your future is here

In all countries across the globe, Professional Chefs or Chefs are in demand nowadays. Many Chef’s compete with one another to come up with a delictable and great food to satisfy the taste of the people. Being a Chef is a challenging job and the learning process and innovations of skills are needed to remained on the top of all. There are so many schools that offers a wide variety of skills that a soon-to-be-chef will emerge. Culinary schools are increasing its number, so the question is which school is the best? Here are the list of culinary schools that will aid you to search you’re chosen culinary schools. Culinary school are important to harness your skills in cooking, baking, and other kitchen techniques. Hence, there are so much benefits that you will gain from this course. One of these are to enhance your cooking skills and techniques. Once you be able to master the courses you can compete throughout the world. Next, the demands of job as a chef increase throughout the world; in United States, Asia, and Europe. There is a creative freedom in cooking, this means that there is no restrictions in parting an Art in cooking. Chefs schools are expensive as years goes by, but the benefits and the job opportunity is endless. You can create a business after graduating in chefs schools then you will provide jobs and to the extent you will able to compete with the other restaurants near you.

Chefs schools in United States are well known due to its state-of-art facilities and well rounded and competitive instructors that will help you to shape your future. California, Atlanta, Miami, Sacramento, Orange county, San Diego, Orlando, Melbourne, Las Vegas, Long Island, New York, and other places are listed in most prestigious Chefs schools in United States. Chefs school graduates are also welcome in the Hotel and other food service in other institutions. The graduates are expected to work and manage restaurants to rendered service to the customers. Becoming a Executive Chef is not impossible if you just continue your studies in Chefs schools to enhance your skills and techniques and also to master your specialized field in cooking. Culinary schools are calling you to take part of this prestigious and amazing world of Culinary Arts.

Now, are you ready to become a Executive Chef? Im urging you to enroll in the well-known culinary schools here in United States, so what are you waiting for?

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