Bulalo (Corned foreshank beef soup): Filipino favorites

Bulalo“Bulalo” is one of the all time favorite food that can only be found here in the Philippines. Bulalo is the marrow of the beef shank, the dish is boiled bone in beef shank, and served with variety of vegetables like; corns, Chinese cabbage, and etc. A simple dish to prepare but, its flavorful broth and the meat’s texture makes it palatable. The beef shank is locally called as kenchi (tagalog word). it can be bought as boneless or bone-in, with the bone it is called as bulalo. The bone-marrow makes the dish so special, it adds flavor and taste to the dish, but marrow is not advisable to the high-cholesterol people or people with heart problems or even at the age from 40 and above. another thing, it is not also advisable to eat everday due to high content of fats, my advise is to eat ones a week or create a menu plan to organize the daily meal.

In classy restaurants, it is so expensive but in some provinces like, batangas or any part of the luz-vin-min area are sold cheaper. The bulalo is originated in batangas, where selling beef and beef by products are the main living, and the price of the beef were sold cheaper than in the supermarkets or local markets, where beef carcass is rarely selling.

To know if the bulalo is well done is the tenderness of the meat. The secret of it is that, buy the most out of the beef shank, choose the upper part of it which has the more meat.


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    Vince said,

    “Buy the upper part of the beef shank!” I’ll take note of that 😀

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