What is the difference of Sterilizing and Sanitizing?

Some of people get confused about the sterilizing and sanitizing, these two are the most common issues that concerning in the Food & Beverage Operation in a restaurant, Hotels, and even in the house. Because it talks about how you prepare and cook the food with the absence of any pathogens. Pathogens are any of all types of kingdom in bacteria, fungi, helminths, yeast, viruses that could cause food borne infection and food borne intoxication. The only way to stop or to prevent the these pathogens is to observe the proper sanitation, good personal hygiene, and sterilizing. Proper sanitation is the hygienic means of preventing of any human contact from the waste hazards in order to promote health and the absence of any visible dirt in the production area. Personal hygiene is a good habit of a person that is safe to any hazards that could contaminate the food. Sterilizing is a means of killing the invisible enemy (invisible enemy are refers to pathogens) in the Food & Beverage Operation.

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