Healing The Broken Heart

How will you heal a  broken heart? A person feeling this way, as if their world were crashed and turn into chaos. And in some point of their lives, they lost their hope and motivation in their career or in their studies. In my part, I was one of these people suffering in this kind of pain in the present, but in my mind I never tend to be feel despair and frustrated. I have ways of healing my broken heart. It doesn’t seem to be as fas as if like a common flu or cold, but it takes me time to heal it. Now, these are my ways of healing a broken heart…

  • Never build a wall, because building it would never change the fact of forgetting that person, but it will cause you to isolate yourself in pain and despair.
  • Attend Sunday Mass in your church, God will help you to mend your heart by constant prayers that will get to close with Him.
  • Make yourself busy, focusing a certain thing would ease the pain of thinking of the past that both of you were together.
  • Make friends with your ex – boyfriend or ex – girlfriend, eventhough that both of you were split – up but still the two of you can be good friends. Don’t consider your Ex – girlfriend or boyfriend an mortal enemy, because it doesn’t make sense at all.
  • Mind over emotions, is the best way of having a good decision rather that your emotions will take over with it. That’s why God put our brain above our heart, to think what is good avoiding wrong decision that emotions is getting control of you.
  • Make yourself happy and learn from the mistakes that you have done.
  • And finally, have a hunger of the wisdom of God and His words in the Bible.

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  1. 1

    I really admire and appreciate your sharing what type of action you take to overcome brokenheartedness; however, when your entire life is a repeat of sadness and a broken spirit – things change to the point of resolute pain and suffering. Cruelty, rejection, hatred, jealousy, ect., pushes a person into a separate and distant reality, of which there is no going back. We live in a world of indifference and callousnee. This world is no place for a tender and loving heart. So I grieve with each passing day…

  2. 2

    nathanielsanico said,

    It is so sad to know about your story, but for me, i also experience that, but when the time we got tired of crying and suffering we tend to find ways to mend our broken heart. Submission of our feelings to God is one way of losing our self in the room of despire, rejection, cruelty, and etc.

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