Unrelevant issues in school

Last month, I went to Brokenshire College and asked information for my transferee to that school. Days later, in my class with my major subjects specifically Food Preservation subject, my teacher Mrs. Joy Castro, I told her that I’m going to transfer to Brokenshire College, then the whole class heard our conversation. Some of my classmates asked me that am I sure about it and are they going to credit your subjects here in their? I answered them, “Yes, I had a conversation with the Administrator in Brokenshire, and told me that they will credit my subjects.

Weeks later, our Dean heard the news that most of the students are going to transfer to Brokenshire, and she was shocked. Not only that, she heard that my 3 major instructors are planning to move to other school, but actually it is not true. Everything until now, our department is in turmoil that no one can understand the situation of our Dean and what is her plans in the school.

In our section in the morning session, each one of us were asked what are our reasons why we came up to move in other schools and the Dean asked us that was that true that our teacher was trying to convinced us that to move to other school, particularly in Brokenshire. Then later, we heard that our Dean was planning to pull down our teacher, and she made some witnesses just to kick our teachers in our school.

To wrap things up, this issue was just only for our section, there is no other person who is concern about this matter, besides its our choice of moving to one school to other.  The things that our Dean plans to do or the things that she had already done was unprofessional and unethical, in terms of backstabbing and using students to get the sympathy in her part. However, she makes things that could destroy her image as well as the school and its system.


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