Ketchups makes dinning even better!

Since I was a child, one of my favorite sauce or dips was ketchup, specifically tomato ketchup. I used it for many fried dishes or grilled meat, not only that, i used it in burgers whenever I dine in some burger food chains in the city.

There are two kinds of ketchup; tomato and banana ketchup. Banana ketchup is a mixture of banana and the tomatoes, the difference of the banana ketchup to tomato ketchup is the appearance and the consistency and flavor of the ketchup. It has a much sweeter than tomato and has a pigments of black seeds from the banana. While the tomato ketchup is purely made of finely pick tomatoes that is essential to produce a quality and delicate flavor of the tomatoes. Tomato ketchup is much thicker than banana ketchup in terms of consistency of tomatoes, and the flavor is little sweetness and salty, but much like to be sour. The spicy of the tomato ketchup depends on your taste, to me i likely to be much spicy than usual tomato ketchup. Hence, tomato paste is also added in the tomato ketchup in order to create much flavor and the color of the tomato.

In terms of lycopene content, the tomato ketchup is the higher source than banana ketchup. Because of that, most of the people who are having heart problems, should be suggest to add tomato ketchup in their daily dinning.


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