Popcorn Balls yum!!

Popcorn balls are so sweet that you couldn’t resist its taste. In my subject Food Preservation we made this recipe, it only takes half an hour or maybe less an half hour to make this one. This is a simple yet delicious recipe that is suitable for picnics and while watching your favorite movies or shows at night.

First, I prepared the ingredients and assemble them in order according to the procedures and prepare the necessary equipments that are needed. The ingredients include, Corn kernel for popcorn, corn syrup, sugar, vanilla for flavoring, and butter. After the I prepared the ingredients, i started to cooked the corn, when the corns pops up in the kettle, set aside the popcorns. Next, I made the sauce for the popcorn, I put all other ingredients in the sauce pan, then shimmer for couple of minutes until the sauce will be sticky or caramel like. In the mixing bowl, put the cooked popcorn and mix it with the vanilla flavored sauce and mix thoroughly.Mold the mixed popcorn in the round shape molder or just roll it by bare hands (note, wash your hands first). Then refrigerate it for how many hours until it is become stiff.

After which, assemble them in any plate as you desire, then add the remaining sauce. Serve it while it is cold then you’re done!! The popcorn balls will last for a day or two, but consumed it after you’ve serve it so that the quality of the food will be remain.


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