DoTA – Defense of the Ancients in Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne

DotA or the Defence of the Ancients is one of the trend in the Philippine local area network games, which will be played in some internet shops in every region. This game is not an official game map of the Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne™ it is just made by some players who have the idea of making an PvP game, players versus players. I played this game way back since I was in 4th year high school until now, I get addicted in this kind of game. What?? Anyways, my bestfriend is the one who introduced this game, but before that since it was Warcraft II I had already played this kind of game. He told me that this game is fun, then we had a 1 on 1 game in their place, the first time I played this was I didn’t expect that this is a kind of game that only heroes are use. Because everytime I played this game was the whole race that can be control, but this is different. There are 2 teams, each teams depends of the number of players are going to play, but the maximum is 5 players each team. Some of the heroes were familiar to me from the original game of Warcraft. The heroes have 3 main skills and 1 ultimate skills, there are two types of skills, passive and active. The active skills are skills that is needed to control or click the icon skill while the passive skill is automatic but there are some passive skills which are chances of using the skill. The ultimate skill however, is a strong skill that sometimes can kill the hero instantly or can damage tremendously to an opponent. There are also 3 types of heroes, Agility type, Intelligent type, and Strength type. Each of these type are unique in the distribution or the effects on every increase of the stats. Agility type are the types of heroes which has a fast pace of attack or movement of speed, Intelligent type are heroes who have bigger mana points or regenerate mana in fastest way, and the strength type are heroes that are high vitality and fast regeneration of hit points. Each type of heroes have different pros and cons depending of the kind of hero was used. In the latest version of DotA, there are now 90 unique heroes in total. The items are the one makes the hero stronger in the long or short run of the game. Long game heroes are referring to the heroes that are strong in the long run of the game while the short game heroes are heroes that are strong in the early part of the game but compensate in the end of the game depending of the hero and items that are used. Different strategies and techniques are use in the game, in order to win the game. The heroes can be categorized as support, offensive, and defensive. Support type of heroes are heroes that give supports to its teammate, the offensive type are heroes that deals greater damage and can suppress the opponents, the defensive type are heroes who are used to defend the camp and also can support the other teammates. The main problem of playing this game is that the team members are need to cooperate, alert, brave, and wise in order to win the game.

That’s all folks, if you didn’t play this game yet, better have a installer of Warcraft III: Frozen Throne™ and download via internet the latest DotA maps. Here is the where you can download the map just type

 Good luck and have fun!



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    Mr. 9 said,

    whoa, I’m also a dota addict 🙂

  2. 2

    riajose said,

    You might want to take at look at my Dota Blog at

    GLHF! 🙂

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    can u tell the perfect items for lucifer the doombringer? thanks

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