A shout of Praise – A sound of Victory

This is what i’ve learned recently in our church at so called House of Faith, in our youth convergence in the last service this sunday. A shout of praise and a sound of victory, is excerpt in Chronicles 20:06. This means that in times of trouble, that there is not you can do with all your unsolvable problems that you encounter today and in the past are just a so small to the problems with God. In every moment of our lives, we tend to discourage, lose of faith, and fail to our trials and problems that we undergo, we must not to forget that God is with us, we only need to realized the benefits that He given to us in the past and today, from this very moment we have to strengthen our faith and praise Him for He will do the impossible. Nothing is impossible to God, therefore, we have to surrender to Him everything, even He will ask to surrender our wealth, family, luxury cars, and others. But then, He will return it to us which is much BIGGER than what you’ve just surrender to Him. Trials and problems are endless, as long as we are here in this world, it only proves that our lives are being tested and we have to surpass all of those for us to prove to Him that we are worthy in Kingdom of Heaven.

Let the Holy Spirit come inside in our hearts and it  will lead us to righteousness and peaceful life. 🙂


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  1. 1

    Vince said,

    really? are you saying you are willing to give up your wealth andeverything and surrender yourself to Him? Do you think that is plausible?

  2. 2

    nathanielsanico said,

    yes, and i’m willing to give up everything in God’s will. Because our lives is just a borrow from God, therefore, we don’t have the right to disobey Him. Trust me, those things that you’ve surrendered, are coming back at you in double or more. 🙂

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