Hatred – Makes a man weak.

When there are times that we feel hate inside our hearts, we tend to put a curse to that person, or maybe making their lives worst when they commit mistakes or make you discriminated or humiliated to those people surrounds us. I admit that i can feel hatred even though God is with me, still i try to forget all those feelings inside me because its doesn’t benefit me as a person, perhaps it only destroys being who i am. Hatred doesn’t give any good things in our lives, but when we started to feel that, our world collides and gone out of control. Maybe because we let the evil side control over us, and forgetting the things that could change inside our feelings. Hatred makes us weak as a person specially when you are having time to forgive the person who make you feel down. It takes a hero to forgive somebody, because its hard to forgive and forget all the bad things happened to your life in the past.


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