True love or Infatuation

In the past few years ago when i got to learn to fall in love for so many times, but in the end, i still end up with break up. There are several questions that pops up in your mind when will you feel that love in is the air. Like, that person is serious, how passionate is he or she with you, and other commonly ask question about love. But what is true love and the difference from it from infatuation? True love, is a feeling that when your faith and fate will meet in the end of the road when you meet the right person in life. That person doesn’t mean that the person who is with you in your marriage but being together with that person for a life time. Whatever and whenever you will go, the love that feel inside is true and seeking that the person that you shared your life at most. Infatuation in the other hand, is a feeling that seems like true or an overwhelming feeling of love to that person. This kind of feeling  is usually associated with the likes of the person by means of physical appearance and attitudes a bit. Not knowing the persons whole identity or the other side of the person that who really is. We always say that the person is the One who i will share my whole life or to life and death, but in the end when the relationship gone trembling, they will end to break up.

Many people nowadays are blinded with the so called Love. Love blinded us from the truth and right thinking, but except from the God’s love. God’s love is uncomparable, even with a relationship with someone, but when it comes to relationship with God, it is endless.


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