DotA – Ways on how you able to defeat Troll Warlord.

Troll Warlord, is one of the hardest heroes that you will encounter that seems to be impossible to defeat. Troll is well-balanced hero that seems to be easy yet very strong in the late game. His skills are mostly attack modified, that if we talk about in no casting of devasting magic damage, he is the good one. He had a very fast attack speed that no one in the game could penetrate it. Much more, if he uses items that could enhance its attack speed. For the very long time of playing this game and encountering this kind of hero or using this hero i found out that this hero has its weaknesses. So these are…

  1. Magic – if you are using an intelligent type of hero which spams strong magic this is a good one to kill this hero. Examples are Lina Inverse, Demon Witch, and etc.
  2. Disable – Disabling Troll Warlord is the best way to prevent its attacks and making him vulnerable of magics and attacks.
  3. Teamwork – Without this it is impossible for you to win the game right? So, team up with your allies and make some strategies on how will you defeat that hero.
  4. Traps – make some baits for him to fooled in the game.
  5. Evade – don’t be such a fool of fighting this hero by 1 on 1, especially if that hero uses some items that could kill you quickly.

That’s it folks, you may have the wisdom on how will you able to defeat Troll Warlord. If you have some ideas on ways in defeating Troll Warlord, don’t hesitate to leave a comment. 🙂


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  1. 1

    MAC said,

    i can 1 on 1 troll by using faceless void!!

  2. 2

    washinton said,

    i can 1 on 5 insane ai+! wif trollwarlord inside the insane! he die like hell!

  3. 3

    adiktus said,

    I CAN KILL TROLL BY USING THE HIDDEN POWER OF CREEPS!!!i am the only one who know that, AMAZING!!!

  4. 4

    Fabian said,

    How to defeat Ursa

  5. 5

    lisahottietotrot said,

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  6. 6

    taragot said,

    use mortred and use that makes his critical attack increase to 2k…

  7. 7

    taragot said,

    use mortred and use iten that makes his critical attack increase to 2k…

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