Flower Arrangement for Dummies

Flower arrangement is one of the hobbies that most of the ladies do, from ancient times and to the present, regardless of the social status of the lady. But nowadays, not only women do these things but also men, maybe straight guy or not if you have the skills and creativity in flower arrangement.

Things needed in flower arrangement:

  • Surgical gloves
  • Wire
  • Floral Foam
  • Knife
  • Cutter
  • Scissors
  • Floral tape (preferrably use the water proof tape)
  • Color Spray or Color Master
  • Glue Gun
  • Glue stick
  • Apron

These things are the basic materials in flower arrangement, if you are wondering why the surgical gloves are being indicated is that some pesticides are used or sprayed in the flowers that may cause some skin irritations or maybe allergies. Keep that in your mind that all sharp materials are very dangerous and most of all practice safety measures in handling this items.

Elements of Design:

  1. Color
  • Monochromatic  – is having 1 shade of color or having unity in colors
  • Analogous  – are palette of compatible color combination. e.g. green, yellow-green, yellow.
  • Contrasting – are colors that contras on each colors
  • Polychromatic – are series of colors or combination of different colors.

  2.   Form or Shape

  • Round – is refers to a round shape of design.
  • Cresent – this is like the shape of the cresent moon.
  • Straight or Line – this is a series of flowers that are arrange in horizontal or vertical lines.
  • Tall – is like the straight or line design but it is taller in the sense.

  3.   Texture

  • Soft flowers – usually refers to the stem of the flower that seems to be soft.
  • Rough flowers – refers to the stem of the flower that seems to be rough that could not be bend.

 4.  Style

  • Cone – are cone shape design or triangular in shape, maybe inverted or not.
  • Line – maybe vertical or horizontal in style.
  • Freestyle – is anything that you desire or you can do whatever forms or shape that you wish to do.
  • Miscelleneous – is just like the freestyle but there are limitations.


  • Asymmetrical – that seems that 2 sides are not actually balance in weight but in the eyes, it is balance.
  • Symmetrical – where both sides are identically balance in looks.

 How to Revive the flowers.

In everyday flower arrangements, we come to the point that not all we buy in the market or in the flower shop that the flowers are not in good shape or wilt in apperance. Therefore in order to revive the flower or just a bit, is by means of putting the flowers in the basin with boiling water. But before that, wrap first the flowers with a newspaper or any paper to protect the petals from heat then, cut the stem by slanting so that the flower will absorb the water.


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    thanks for the flower tips!

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    I edit Flower Blog and recently ran a post on this same topic.

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