Perfect World Philippines – What is this all about?

Perfect World is the latest MMORPG game by the Level – Up games started way back last year. This game is unique characters, skills, and special effects thus, the graphics of the game is just like the Silkroad. But what makes this game exciting is that the game is easy to navigate the NPC’s and the map. The travel time ofcourse is much faster and convinient to travel from one place to another by using useful items to aide traveling. The games have 3 types of race, first the Elves or the Wingkin, 2nd the Human, and finally the Beast. Each race has 2 unique kinds of characters, in Wingkin it composes a Archer and a Support type of character like buffing and healing. Human, on the other hand, have the warrior (can use swords, hammer, spear, and other like melee weapons) and a wizard which cast heavy elemental damage. While the Beastkind are in animal forms composes of a warrior just like the human and a beast master, beast master can tame mobs and uses them to help or attack other the enemies.

Skills are very unique, from different races or character and the purpose of the skill and the effects also. Everytime they cast, what is indicated in the skill, will be the one comes out unlike other games. Each character has its own support skills for them to initiate while in the party boss hunt or just a mere party in the battle field. The ultimates are strong, most likely to be an Area of Effect or AoE, no utlimate skills are use only by a single target but the whole area which the effect of the skill.

 Boss comes very difficult to kill, it has a mobs surrounding the boss, which deals heavy damage even though its only a mob. The boss attacks are fierce and also an AoE effect in the battle, keep that in mind that you cannot kill the boss by yourself but to have a party.

Map is huge than other games, its you can easily navigate npc’s by using the coordinates of the npc for you to locate its location. You can also own a city by having territorial war against other clan.

What makes this game perfect? Is that you can relate yourself in the in game relationship in real life relationship. And the appearance of its characters comes so true and you can edit the body structure of your character.


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