Freestyle – One of my favorite all time band in the country.

Freestyle Live!The FreestyleThe love is one the air whenever I hear their songs…-it broughts me back in the time that love is true and fulfilling. I started hearing their songs when i was in the elementary (if i not mistaken like 2000 or 2001 i guess) but since I heard it, I couldn’t help myself of listening on it until now. They made a big hit in their originals like before i let you go, so slow and other songs. They are originally from my city, Davao City. Jinky Vidal, as what my Auntie told me that she was graduated in Ateneo de Davao University (AdDU) and also Top Suzara.

They the once who made the night at the bars and concert halls an amazing and unforgettable night. They serenades acoustic medley and powerful love songs that could touch your heart. Some of their songs where used as love theme song and situational love songs.

The Freestyle today is different than before because Top left the group, and there is a new member that replaces Top. But then I still love this band, eventhough their old songs were over-played in my play list.

I hope that this band will continue to inspire many people and create more beautiful songs that could change any one’s heart. 🙂


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    jose de rosa said,

    w0w ganda banda nyu
    idol eheheheh^^

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