Leaving the Davao Pride Group

Yesterday, I already leaved the Davao Pride Group for good due to some personal problems that is hard to control. It seems that my patience and understanding to each person in the group come to its very limit, and yet i burst out of rage from my anger. Somehow, this would be my lesson of how am i going to socialized with other different type of personalities in this world. Although, my expectations were not able to meet in the end, due from the “unexpected event” that happened last month ago that changes everything, yeah everything.

There is nobody to be blame to what happened, but this time its hard for me to forgive easily from this very moment. Maybe it will take long period of time to be able for me to forgive, but i can’t bring back the person i was before.

Au revoir Davao Pride!!


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  1. 1

    Tan said,

    Nat, I salute you for that.. Ako, naa pa man koy access sa forum, mao naga post lang gihapon ko. Sad to say, tama jud ka diha. Umiba na ang ihip ng hangin. Ning sabay lang gani si Yam sa ako, post post pud siya sa forum kay nagpost man ko. Now, 3 people are down. Who’s next?

    Yeah. Naa sad ka point. Dapat careful lang jud ka ug socialize. Pareha atong gi ingon atong cell group leader nato si… Kinsa gani to? Dili nimo mahibal-an kung true friends na or friends in good times na…

    Sorry kung taas ako akong comment. Nagsubscribe man gud ko sa feed. PM ko sa YM kung gusto ka. Pwede nato na i discuss.

  2. 2

    nathanielsanico said,

    Si Kuya Jolo ang imong gina.mean. I don’t care anymore with DP, besides the mistakes that happened in the past didn’t learned its lesson. I know that there is somebody who plays everybody with his/her magical words. I noticed it after you’d leaved the group in the last time. I don’t know why you’re able to go back in the group. That I thought that you’re enjoying you’re life in the Phil Group, if I’m not mistaken.

    Uh kei lng kng taas imong comment…

  3. 3

    Tan said,

    I know what you mean. As I have observed sad. Wala ko ning balik sa group.. Wala ko nagingon sa ila na I’m coming back… Post post lang ko… Actually, gi recruit ko ni Marvin after I left the group. Pati ang 2 (Jong ug Marvin), ning back out na. Gi ingon nako kung ngano ko ning quit. Pero ang mga personal stuff, wala. Ning ingon pa gani ang 2 na grabe daw ang pamugas nako unya ingon ana-on lang ko… Not worth it daw pero wala nakoy mabuhat. Ana pa si Marvin na igawas nalang sa Counter-Strike ang kalagot.

    Mao to, nakig-FC FC ko sa Phil Group.. Naa jud bad times pero most of all, good times. Daghan man gud buotan unya dedicated kaayo sa group..

  4. 4

    carL said,

    mag comment lang ako…guilty pod ko sa pang hitabo…kay feeling nko ako dahilan nanu nag leave ka sa group…kung mag ask gud sila nanu nag leave ka…sa ako sila mangutana…den wla man koy matubag..

    cguro na sobraan lang namo ang joke sa imo..2ng gibuhat sa imo ni kenny…ug sa mga comment namo…I know gusto na nimo kalimtan ang mga panghitabo.. dli na pod ka gusto na mag sorry mi kay na forgive na mi nimo..pero ako personally..I want to say sorry sa mga comment ug sa mga nabuhat nko last past month..wla 2 nko gituyo..dli nko gusto ang mga panghitabo…Im really sorry..I really do..I know dli n2 mabalik 2ng dating friendship…

    ingatz nlang perminte…God bless..

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