Enjoying to the fullest extent with my semestral break

Our school, given us a 3 weeks semestral break after the first semeter of this year. I thought that this semestral break will be all-out-boring because im always staying in our house and not having a chance of going out the town. But happily, this semestral break is unforgettable, ofcourse with the plans of my fellow classmates of going out of town.

My first week given me a chance of going to Mati, Davao del Oriental with fellow classmates in my Sociology class. Its was the 3 days celebration of the birthday girl, Ianne Angel Aquino. Started last monday and ended it in thursday in the morning. We had beach outing in Mati, specifically in Gregorio’s Beach Resort beside of the well-known Masiao Beach Resort.

This week, I had another out of town trip with the Sociology class but in different classmates. I was with the gang of Darlene and with my friend Jeff. That trip was boring and some way, I regreted that to be with them because of the gang of Darlene which I got out of place.

My future plans for next week? Well, I have to go to school by tuesday morning for the enrollment for the second semester of this year. And I have to visit semetary for my grand parents graveyard.

I hope everything will be different…


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