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Bahay Kubo English Translation…

Filipino Version
Bahay Kubo
Bahay Kubo kahit munti
 Ang Halaman doon ay sari sari.
Singkamas at talong,
Sigarilyas at mane,
Sitaw bataw patani,
Kundol patola, upo’t kalabasa,
At saka may’ron pang labasnos, mustasa.
Sibuyas, kamatis, bawang at luya.
Sa paligidligid nito’y panay na linga.
English Version
Nipa hut
My nipa hut, although it’s small
The plants are diverse
Turnips and eggplants,
Winged beans and peanuts,
 String beans, edible pots, lima beans,
White melon, gourd, white pumpkin and squash,
And still there are more, radish, mustard,
 Onions, tomatoes, garlic and ginger,
All around are lush sesame plants.
 Nipa hut or locally known as bahay kubo is the basic Filipino architectural type of house. It’s commonly found in the northern part of the Philippines, the roof is made from woven coconut husks or nipa leaves while the walls are made of bamboo and other natural materials that is commonly found in the forest. Some bahay kubo are made of bamboo stilts in order to protect from wild animals. Communal space is very important in the Filipino families, to be surrounded by the people all the time regardless of all the chaos. The Children may be playing around, Lolas or Grand Mother playing cards and Titas or  Aunties chismising (gossiping) but these are common and comforting, thus Filipinos have a fear of being alone. Nipa hut, is also shown in the movie, Finding Nemo, Nemo live in a nipa hut but not actually the actual image of the typical nipa hut, its a tribute to the graphic artist and the Filipino culture.

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